If you are in search of a partner for your next real estate development, Route 26 may be what you have been looking for!

As a trusted and experienced company in the procurement industry, Route 26 offers its services from the concept of a project through to its realization. Our knowledge of the industry and the experience gained from various projects guarantees sound advice and products suited to your needs.
From start to finish, kitchens, to bathrooms, flooring to deco, Route 26 offers a wide range of high quality products imported (from China, Indonesia and other countries).
Not only does collaborating with Route 26 guarantee a one-stop-shop service for the procurement needs of your project, but with products of international standards, it also offers you peace of mind. A professional team ensures coordination and organisation throughout the project.

Working with Route 26 means:
- Hassle free procurement for your whole project!
- A consulting partner with in-depth knowledge.
- Sound advice backed up by a range of products and knowledge of the industry.
- A team and services to make your concept a reality!